My Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

In the world of photography, I see art. Cape Cod, a canvas painted with life's finest moments, offers countless slices of heaven to connect with the world's beauty. My lens has danced with Cape Cod's enchantment for over eight years, and this journey has unveiled the artistry that lies in each frame. Allow me to draw from this treasure trove of experience to curate a session that transcends the ordinary and transforms your moments into timeless art.

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“If you’re looking for a fantastic photographer, you will be very happy working with Stephanie and seeing her results. From our initial contact through receiving our final set of photographs, she was professional and very easy to work with. She arrived on time and prepared to where she recommended the ideal setting for our sunset beach family photos. The process overall was great and, most importantly, our family loves the final photos. We look forward to having Stephanie capture our family’s memories again!”